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Path or cycle route needed, slower speed limit. Lots of people walking and cycling to and from the village for work, school.

A joining cycle path to village needed for local people to get to work and school

The cycle route ends at the island and we need it to meet up in the village the busy road is becoming very dangerous for cyclists

I live here and we have no safe way of getting from our house to the garage or the village to take my daughter to school, shop or local amenities

A lot of workers from local factory are cycling to work on this busy dangerous road

Fast road with a lot of people walking and cycling up it. Blind hill people overtaking very dangerous. Also a family that child goes to school in the village have no way of walking

Narrow country road with constant fast traffic at rush hour. Road is heavily used by cyclists who face dangerous overtaking on a regular basis. A main route for cyclists into the city of Nottingham where majority of village residents … [more]

No footpath as the road passes the church so pedestrians have to go on the road where this is a blind corner.

Footpaths are very narrow and are only available on single road side. Expanding these would open up these roads for more people to exercise and maintain social distancing.

The roads around here are very popular for residents in Keyworth, Wysall and surrounds to run but they are forced to share them with drivers on roads with a national speed limit. Footpaths would open up the areas to families to exercise … [more]

There are no footpaths linking Keyworth and Bunny. There are about to be at least 100 new homes in the village with very limited walking options in this side of the village without having to share the road where cars can travel at the … [more]

Very difficult for pedestrians to cross. Traffic lights here would help pedestrians, cyclists and could help reduce speed of cars

Awful road surface (road seems to be dug up again every year) with potholes requiring cyclists to move out on an already narrow road. Needs resurfacing and not digging up for a few years.

Entrance to cycle path requires crossing fast traffic exiting the A52 on the sliproad. Reduce speed on sliproad to 40mph, provide warning signs for motorists, create pinch point to prevent traffic passing the no entry sign and creating … [more]

Exit/entrance of cycle/footpath is too narrow and exit for cyclists requires them to cross the road very close to the junction with the A52

Regularly used path for cyclists and walkers avoiding the A52 is too narrow for socially distanced active travel

Footpaths around Bradmore and leading to garden centre very poor, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road and cross over several times. There is sufficient space in verges for upgraded footpaths.

Cycleway from stilton operation at the top of the hill towards the roundabout near to filling station.

One way system around the village or full pedestrianisation / exclusion of thru traffic would vastly improve the area and create extra footfall for businesses.

On street parking causes hazardous pinch point. Remove all parking.

Belligerent drivers bully more vulnerable road users. Cyclist filters at junction / protected lanes needed. At the very least signed reminders to drivers re their responsibilities towards pedestrians/ cyclists. Parking on pavements and … [more]

Cycleway needs to made continuous as entering/exiting is hazardous, also vehicles often speeding/belligerent towards cyclists and pedestrians. Should be made continuous all along Wilford Road, not the useless side - change into … [more]

Badly designed junction with no consideration for bicycle users. Close proximity to vehicles puts cyclists in jeopardy. Separate protected lane for cyclists needed.

Cycling on this road often feels risky / unsafe due large volume of traffic, multiple junctions, excessive car parking facilities. Install a continuous protected by cycle lane with priority over vehicle traffic.

Awful junction for cyclists: going straight on you can be cut up by impatient vehicles undertaking in the left lane. Vehicles often occupy the ASL: need warning signs/cameras/penalties for doing so. This whole area is the scene of frequent … [more]

Awful crossing puts all users at risk due to design that prioritises traffic flow over all other considerations. Tram line hazards, button press demand cancelling device is anti pedestrian and anti cyclist. Crossing should be re routed … [more]

Remove unnecessary barriers which cause user conflicts, and are a pointless hazard to all and in addition are a Covid-19 proximity hazard.

Poorly laid out path causes conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists. Needs widening, demarcation and resurfacing. Attention needs to be given to the needs of cyclists joining and leaving the tramside path

Soil creep over many years and a total lack of proper maintenance has caused 40cm of path width to be lost: needs clearing asap. Why was it not done when the other sections were done recently?

Intersections need to give cyclists priority, as vehicles block the path whilst waiting to exit /enter and some vehicle users also bully more vulnerable users into giving way to them

Paint indicating cycle path has faded leading to drivers often using the path as a car park

Dangerous corner for all road users, especially cyclists - put lights on bridge to make it one way

Needs wider pavement alongside the wall to the Hall - it's very narrow.

Very narrow pavement / bike path, especially under the rail bridge. But also before and after. Needs widening and cleaning up.

Drivers here need to be aware that cyclists are also entitled to use the road! Parked cars and the need to turn right mean that cyclist do need to pull out into traffic. Driver awareness would be most welcome.

So many angry drivers on this road. A safe, on-road cycling path is desperately needed here, leaving the pavements free for pedestrians. Central crossing points act as pinch points where drivers cut in front of you when overtaking. Drivers … [more]

Who's blood also boils when you hear the phrase "Nottinghamshire County Council"? 😡😡😡 NCC is not fit for purpose.

Traffic calming is required along Owthorpe Road. Speed limit of 20 mph should be enforced.

Tow path needs an all weather surface along all its length, like that at the Hollygate estate at Cotgrave. It needs widening too

Path too narrow. Too much debris and gravel. Not maintained

Drivers are unaware of cyclists getting on and off the Cycle Lane: this is a hazard to both (especially Cyclists). Needs signage warning drivers about cyclists' necessary manoeuvres and also coloured paint zone on the road at this … [more]

Drivers are unaware of cyclists getting on and off the Cycle Lane: this is a hazard to both (especially Cyclists). Needs signage warning drivers about cyclists' necessary manoeuvres and also coloured paint zone on the road at this … [more]

Loads of space here for protected cycle lane all the way from Nottingham Knight to Bradmore and beyond

Please add some lights here for safe crossing

This path is narrow and basically pretty rubbish but could be great, wide and fast

Create proper river side path here

Create new right if way here once HE improve junction

Upgrade path to be proper cycleroute

Create pavement/shared surface cycleway along here

Improve the surface of this bridleway to allow safe connection here

New cycle connection to a52 to new path to run towards wheat croft island

Create new right of way here as bridleway to allow direct access to tunnel under a52 and Ruddington/a60 Loughborough Road

Create cyclepath link here to new junction improvements HE will be doing

Create new safe cycle crossing facilities and link to near housing planned east of A52

Upgrade surface and widen path to improve safe route to Cotgrave

Upgrade to a bridge here so crossing over possible

Protected cycle lane here please, lots of speeding motorists here.

Create new cycle path tunnel or bridge to allow upgrading of old lougborough road cycle route (already a bridleway) this would provide a good connection to Ruddington/West Bridgford

There is a cycle path to the east of sharp hill road proposed in the planning applications for the housing development. this needs to connect to both end of landmere lane.

Create cyclepath on southside of A52 to join to landmark lane and wheat croft roundabout to link with HE improvements to junction coming in the next few years

Create safe cycle path link here

Look at how to redesign the large pavement spaces so they can be outside seating with landscaping. plus protected cycling routes. still some room for parking here in places but this will be less needed with better cycle lanes for local … [more]

Improve these cycleways to have proper segregated lanes on each side of the road.

Create link to Asda site here for walking and cycling

Road surface on the left hand side on Long Acre from the Wheatsheaf to the traffic lights is in poor condition with potholes and poor maintenance

Need a dedicated cycle lane over Trent bridge. the path currently has works and everyone waits 2m apart for people to come the other way. Take a lane, move the barrier over to create a safe cycle lane which my family could use.

Narrow path for pedestrians and cyclists to share. Often overgrown. Often difficult to pass one another before social distancing was a thing, let alone now. Road is fast and straight and busy with cars, vans and buses. Clearly needs … [more]

The cycle path ends at the new housing estate. To get to school on their bikes kids have to cycle on the footway, which is quite narrow in places, or on the busy road. It would make sense for this to be a cycleway and a wider path to make … [more]

The road is much too wide and encourages high-speed driving. The (single) narrow footpath is shared by walkers, joggers, cyclists, horses and parked cars. The road should be narrowed considerably, the speed limit reduced to 20mph, and … [more]

A very busy cycle route for families to access the embankment, commuters into the city, people shopping at Asda, etc. But road is busy so lots of people cycle on the pavement. Needs a segregated cycle lane.

Very narrow pavements. Widening pavements here and creating a cycle route would encourage walking & cycling to / from the school complex and leisure centre as well as slowing traffic down.

Create a through route by making a gap in the fence to encourage walking and cycling - thsi would be a safer and alternative route compared to Gotham Road

Close entrance to Holme Road to cars, leaving gaps for cycles etc. Would create much safer route through to cycle paths around Trent Fields

Fly tipping is a major problem here and on nearby verges and field entrances - an eye-sore and potential hazard to cyclists and pedestrians. Close to traffic and implement CCTV to break this behaviour

Put a proper crossing here to join the canal so that pedestrians and cyclists can cross safety - how about a bridge

Need to be able to cross the A52 safely - how about a bridge here and a bridge close to Morrisons - this will make access to the quieter roads much safer

Put a proper junction here so that cyclist can come straight off the suspension bridge into Bridgford rather than having to turn onto the embankment

This is the main throroghfare for cyclists from Bridgford to the river - the current painted cycle lanes are a joke. Put a single segrefgated cycle lane on one side all the way to the suspension bridge

There's room here to put a cycleway/path between the road and the sports field - it will get cyclists to/from the river easily

Please make this a cycle path suitable for road bikes (it doesn't need to be tarmac) - this will get cyclist off the A52 back into Nottingham

The cycleway here is in poor condition and too narrow - please fix

Traffic is too fast here for pedestrians crossing at the canal - please put in a crossing

Please put in a proper junction for cyclists and pedestrians - there is no room on the pavement to wait (ideally a bridge)

Please put in a segregated cycle path from the junction to Holme Pierrepoint - its unsafe to cycle on the road

A pedestrian and cycle path from the creamery to join up with the path on the roundabouts at the bottom of the hill. A dangerous stretch of road that is frequently used by cyclists and pedestrians

Hi we live at the house which is situated at Stragglethorpe grainstore we have no path or access to Cropwell Bishop village other the walking along the busy main road this is not ideal with a 6 year old child, some kind of path would be … [more]

There are many workers cycling/walking to and from work from Cotgrave to Cropwell Bishop. Also I live at the grainstore with a 6 year old child who cannot access the village without going in the car. It would helpful for her to get to and … [more]

Path is too narrow due to overgrowth, soil creep, rubbish and and general farm vehicle mess. Cut back the growth, move the soil and stones, collect the debris: restore the path back to its 2 metre width

Path is too narrow due to overgrowth, soil creep, rubbish and and general farm vehicle mess. Cut back the growth, move the soil and stones, collect the debris: restore the path back to its 2 metre width

There is no safe walking route out of Cropwell Bishop. Pavement/cycleway required from Creamery to A46

Dangerous blind summits. Cycle path required.

Large number of vehicles parked on foot/cycle path leaving no space for passing cyclists and pedestrians. Double Yellows needed, along with enforcement.

Please add a pavement or at least some sort of path along here. You cannot safely walk to Plumtree and back

Huge problem in this area of vehicles parking almost across the pavement, making it impossible to get along with a buggy, and even sometimes difficult for ordinary pedestrians.

This short stretch needs a low speed limit, and / or road reshaping to reduce speed. Currently, lots of vehicles aim to get along it as fast as possible, which is highly dangerous for the school, the church, people using the allotment & … [more]

Cycle path crossing needs upgrading with cyclist priority and much clearer markings

The road has fast traffic but a lot of cyclists esp at weekends, but quite a bit of it has a wide verge which could be used as a cycle-path or shared use facility, so it could be a comparatively low cost to create a safe route.

Very clear case for a decent cycle lane here

Generally very very poor links between Nottingham and Radcliffe. The a52 pavement unsuitable: small distance from 70mph traffic and toxic fumes, dangerous crossings at the petrol station and a poor, uneven surface with random curbs. The … [more]

This is the worlds slowest crossing. you can wait minutes here to cross in light traffic

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